ISBN 9789350290729,The Girls Behind The Gunfire

The Girls Behind The Gunfire


Trisha Ray



Harper Collins India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350290729

ISBN-10 9350290723


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


Life can be hard when you?re a dork. You?re not pretty or popular ? just intelligent and very bored with the world. And then you discover that one of your friends, dorkier than you and thrice as socially inept; has a major secret. One she could literally kill for. Abhishikta is thrilled by the revelation that the nerdy Rikita is actually a lethal super-soldier ? her geekiness belying the fact that she can kill everyone in a room, within five minutes, using a wooden table-leg. And Riki proceeds to induct Abhi into the Foundation, a secret organization that claims to exist only to serve human civilization. Not humanity, just civilization. Abhi takes to martial arts and guns with bloodthirstiness previously unsuspected by anyone ? even herself. What she doesn't take to, however, is the control exerted by the Foundation over its soldiers. She begins to ask questions ... and things start getting messy. An action-packed adventure about an ordinary-girl-turned-reluctant- assassin, The Girls behind the Gunfire is a sharp, explosive read you do not want to miss.