ISBN 9788172453466,The Great Scientist of the World

The Great Scientist of the World



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172453466

ISBN-10 8172453469


Number of Pages 416 Pages
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Who is a scientist? Is there any need to explain the term? No, not at all! Everyone knows that scientists are those remarkable human beings who by their contributions-minor or major-in almost every field have made human life more comfortable and successful than ever before. When we go through the human history, we find that in the beginning human life was not as easy and comfortable as it is in the present time. In the ancient times, there were no means of transportation like those, which we see now-a-days. Man had to rely upon his own feet or on traditional means of transport-animals such as horse, donkey, ox, camel, etc. Now, we have bikes, buses, cars, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, and so on while we need to travel. Means of communication-telephone, cellular phone, television, computer, laptop, Internet, etc. have further enhanced the alleviation of human life. They along with the means of transportation have really made almost every part of the world approachable to everyone. One of the very basic needs of human beings is the electricity. Without electricity, life is almost impossible. Needless to mention, all major or minor industries across the globe run on electricity. Electrical widgets in our homes make our life much easier. Can we imagine life without them? All these things are the product of hard work of our scientists. They have made enormous contributions in the advancement of human civilization by dedicating their lives for research and innovation. The Great Scientists of the World endeavours to mention a little about some great scientists and their contributions to the world.