ISBN 9789380658711,The Himalayan Musk Deer : The Light Within The Manager`s Search for Identity

The Himalayan Musk Deer : The Light Within The Manager`s Search for Identity



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380658711

ISBN-10 9380658710


Number of Pages 302 Pages
Language (English)
Choosing the himalayan musk deer as a metaphor in the title of this ground-breaking book, retired telecommunications expert Ram Parthasarthy liken the restlessness of the mountain animal in eternal quest of territory to an overanxious executive who fails to stay still and reflect that his potential to succeed lies in himself, not in the conquest of others. First, he says, the individual must recognize the legitimacy of hia aspirations. The organisation must then back this up by providing a company culture that welds all its members to a corporate purpose, a world of opportunity, a path that will lead to them fulfilling those very aspirations while furthering the common good. Introspection leads to enlightened self-interest, says Parthasarathy. And self-analysis andd self-development are concepts embedded in the Indian psyche. It is essential to revive them. In The Himalayan Musk Deer, Parthasarathy shares his experience in motivating professionals, both Indian and International. The implicit idea in leadership of complex projects, says Parthasarathy, is vibrant respect and recognition of the self-interest of every individual and the engineering of a mood of positive introspection in them. The recognition, coupled with a secular attitude and professionalism, illumines Parthasarathy?s approach for sparkling the light within. About the Author Ram Parthasarathy, a retired telecommunications expert with international experience, enters the world of professional authorship with a definition of an approach to motivation drawing upon the inner strength in every individual. With practical experience in leading large telecom projects in India and in the international arena for over four decades, Ram Parthasarathy has been using his knowledge and experience to offer courses on Business Ethics for MBA classes in Bangalore for nearly a decade