ISBN 9788121204996,The Hindu System of Religious Science And Art

The Hindu System of Religious Science And Art



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9788121204996

ISBN-10 8121204992

Hard Back

Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

The words-science and art, are not used in a uniform way. Sometimes the word are is used in contrast with nature, whereas the term science is applied to the elaborations of laws of nature. Keeping this interpretation in mind Sarkar suggested that art is conceived as something which is human, but not natural but as a matter of fact the human is also natural. The author has discussed the various interpretations of religious science and art in this book and has organized all the materials into nine chapters, besides a brief introduction. Kishori Lal Sarkar made a praiseworthy attempt to explain the Hindu religion, both as a science and art as early as in 1910 when religion was considered to be the subject matter of orthodox pandits and classical intelligentsia.