ISBN 9780721695068,The Human Body In Health And Illness

The Human Body In Health And Illness



W.B. Saunders Company

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780721695068

ISBN-10 072169506X


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 544 Pages
Language (English)

General science

Clearly written and fun to read, The Human Body in Health and Illness caught the
attention of educators and students and proved that the teaching and learning of basic anatomy and physiology can be enjoyable. In the new second edition, complex concepts and difficult content are again simplified and may be applied to common problems in patient care. Special attention is given to the A&P that is needed for an understanding of pathophysiology and pharmacology. The underlying physiology of pathologic conditions is explained in a common-sense approach with early and frequent reference to specific clinical examples.

A new chapter on Microbiology Basics (Chapter 5) has been added, with information on pathogens and the spread of infection. Do You Know... boxes add interesting information with flair and humor. Text and art are connected, increasing pedagogic usefulness. We've kept and added to the unique cartoons, a hallmark of the book.
Reading level is appropriate and consistent, thanks to the uniform author voice, simple terminology, and a logical step-by-step presentation. Beginning with a basic discussion of the human body and its cellular structure, the discussion moves toward genetics and the greater complexity of the human organism.