ISBN 9789380828909,The Jerk Magnet

The Jerk Magnet



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380828909

ISBN-10 938082890X


Number of Pages 217 Pages
Language (English)

Social issues

Chelsea's dad drops two bombs on the same night. One, he has a newjob and they're moving! And, two, he's getting married! Chelsea groans and not too silently as she offers up plentyof outrageous disgust and does a pretty good job throwing atantrum. Retreating to her room doesn't change the fact that withinsix weeks' time, she and her father will be relocating to San Jose,California, and soon thereafter welcoming Kate into their home asher new stepmother. Kate tries to understand Chelsea. She realizes Chelsealacked self-esteem - problem similar to what she endured as a teen.The now-perfectly beautiful Kate takes on the task of givingChelsea, her wardrobe and attitude a complete makeover. When Chelsea starts school after vacations, it's like she'sa completely different person at least that's how people aretreating her. With lots of mistakes and some humbling mishaps,Chelsea begins to understand that even beauty has a cost of itsown, and she does some real soul-searching about who she truly is(inside and out). The first book in Carlson's Life at Kingston High series isbelievable. She knows how to stir up those "wanting to beforgotten" moments of rejection and isolation everyone experiences,yet laces every heartache with hope, humor and lighthearted fun. This is a wonderful story for all ages, but highlyrecommended for teens. It will really make them think.