ISBN 9789380658896,The Laughing Corpse

The Laughing Corpse



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380658896

ISBN-10 9380658893


Number of Pages 114 Pages
Language (English)


Welcome to Ibne Safi's Dunya ? an intricately demented world of larger-than-life villains, mad genius detectives, and beautiful femmes fatales. With a huge cult following among readers in both India and Pakista, this series span 125 novels published between 1952 and 1979. they remain some of the bestselling books in Urdu even today.

One of the quirkiest and most prolific Urdu writers of the 20th century, Ibne Safi was born Asrar Ahmed in Allahabad District, Uttar Pradesh, India, in 1928. He migrated to Karachi, Pakistan shortly after the publication of the first Jasusi Dunya novel, and lived there until his death in 1980.

The beautiful Saeeda Rahman, a typist at the firm of James & Bartley, learns that her long-lost uncle has died in Jamaica and named her as the sole inheritor of his huge estate. Suddenly all the city's richest young men are competing for her attention. But when she's kidnapped during a scuffle at a popular restaurant, it is up to Colonel Faridi and Captain Hameed to find out who's responsible. Meanwhile, the American arch-criminal Doctor Dread is still at large in the city... and so is his nemesis, the mysterious monkey-faced killer named Finch.