ISBN 9780007253906,The Life of Mahatma Gandhi

The Life of Mahatma Gandhi


Louis Fischer


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780007253906

ISBN-10 0007253907


Number of Pages 672 Pages
Language (English)

Biography & autobiography

Louis Fischer’s The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi is a minor classic biography of one of the most important people in India’s independence struggle.

The memorable biography written by a genius historian and Gandhi’s close friend, The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi was re-issued as a new edition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of both India's independence. And this coincides with the 50th anniversary of Gandhi’s death – a few months after the Indian freedom he was shot dead by a fanatic Hindu.

This book relates the biography of man who had the power to lead the entire nation on the journey of its freedom. The man who directed the struggle for Indian Independence from the Colonial rule has been presented in broad light here. Being a friend, Fischer was well aware of the unique strategies employed by Gandhi on the path of Indian independence.

Gandhi was an absolute follower of passive resistance and Satyagraha and these attributes made him one of most loved freedom fighters and earned him awe from people all across the globe. Fischer in this book presents extraordinary insights into the life of this great man and scrutinizes his strategies and factors that made him an inspiring soul for the world. Gandhi’s greatness was so overwhelming accepted worldwide that on his death even Albert Einstein went beyond the expected to make a public speech on this great personality and show his respect for the great political leader.

Besides a friend, Louis Fischer also happened to be an American journalist and thus he used to watch Gandhi from close quarters. He did a lot of research on this personality and along with his experiences with the man; he came out with this book. It elucidates more about the life of the 'Father of the Nation' – an ordinary man born to a family of modest means who became a powerful leader and became an admiring soul for the world.

In the pages of this memorable biography, the readers find answers to various questions related to Gandhi. Here in one finds out how this British-trained lawyer converted into a saint and what elements, what power enabled him to achieve his goal of Indian Independence and become a moral guide to the world.

The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi is the new edition of the book but it feels as fresh and important for any person to know Gandhi, as it used to be at the time of its first publication. The book was used as a basis for the award winning motion picture Gandhi. 

About Louis Fischer

Louis Fischer was an American journalist and a superb historian.

Apart from The Life of Mahatma Gandhi, he also wrote The Life of Lenin, The War in Spain, Oil Imperialism: The International Struggle for Petroleum, The God That Failed, Men and Politics, and Stalin etc.

He was born in 1896 in Philadelphia, Fischer started his career as a teacher and soon started working for a news agency. A Jewish-American journalist, he won the National Book Award in History and Biography in 1965 for The Life of Lenin. He died in 1970.