ISBN 9780553824292,The Man Who Married A Mountain

The Man Who Married A Mountain






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780553824292

ISBN-10 0553824295


Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)

Biography & Autobiography,Travel Writing

Rosemary Bailey is the bestselling author of LIFE IN A POSTCARD, her enthralling account of living in a small village in the French Pyrenees. Now she sets off in search of The Man who Married a Mountain. The 19th century explorer and mountaineer, Henry Russell combined a wild Irish spirit and thirst for travel with a typically French attachment to his own region. He climbed every mountain and revelled in nature's extremes; fierce tempests, coruscating sun and dazzling snow. Vignemale, a mountain in the French Pyrenees, inspired his passion above all.
In the course of her quest Rosemary Bailey finds not only Russell but an entire cast of 19th century visitors, striding up the glaciers in tweed jackets and hobnailed boots. English, Americans, Russians and many others, from Tennyson to James Gordon Bennett, colonised the Pyrenees as they did the Riviera, in search of the sublime, the picturesque and the beautiful.
Accompanied by her young son Theo, Bailey visits all the romantic sights of the Pyrenees between the gentle shores of the Mediterranean and the wild waves of the Atlantic; astonishing waterfalls, lakes and valleys.
Bailey weaves together Russell's story with her own experience of the Pyrenees, living in a converted monastery and sharing her life with the dreamers, hermits and city escapees who still find refuge in this magical land.