ISBN 9781851684625,The New Imperialists

The New Imperialists


Colin Mooers



Oneworld Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781851684625

ISBN-10 185168462X

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Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

In this landmark work, ten influential writers, including Tariq Ali, Ellen Meiksins Wood, and Aziz Al-Azmeh, question the intellectual justifications that underpin the 'New Imperialism' of the United States. Exposing the broader motivations behind the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, they dismiss as self-delusional the official rhetoric of democracy, human rights and liberty. Incisive and passionately argued, the authors assert that these new and inconsistent "ideologies of empire" can only be policed on a global scale through the use of military might, raising the spectre of perpetual war. With potentially ruinous consequences for the very freedom and democracy that the New Imperialists claim as their own, this book is a chilling warning against intellectual complicity, and a vital tool for understanding global politics today.

About The Author
Collin Mooers is Professor of Politics at Ryerson University in Toronto. He is widely published on imperialism and is the author of The Making of Bourgeois Europe.

Table of Contents
Introduction : The New Watchdogs
Democracy as Ideology of Empire
After the Fact
Tortured Civilizations : Islam and the West
Gender Political Islam and Imperialism
Imperical Narcissim : Michael Ignatieff's Apologies for Empire
Nostalgia for Empire: Revising Imperical History for Americal Power
When Might is Right
Praising Empire : Neoliberalism under Pax Americana
American Soft Power, or, American Cultural Imperialism?
U N Imperialism: Unleashing Entrepreneurship in the Developing world