ISBN 9781259003998,The One Minute Negotiator

The One Minute Negotiator



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781259003998

ISBN-10 125900399X


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


Negotiation impacts every aspect of our lives, from the deals we strike on the job to our relationships with family members and neighbors, to the transactions we make as customers. Yet most people do anything they can to avoid negotiation -- it makes them uncomfortable, nervous, even frightened. This plague of "negotiaphobia" is that The One Minute Negotiator will remedy. Don Hutson and George Lucas use an engaging business parable to tell the story of a high-level sales professional who learns to master a simple yet profound approach to negotiations. Jay Baxter sells more than anyone else in his company, but his profit margins are slim. Instead of negotiating the best deal for the company, he's giving too much away to get the sale. On a company-sponsored cruise he meets the One Minute Negotiator, who teaches him a three-step negotiating process that can be applied to any situation: closing a deal to get your product in a big-box retail store, getting the best loaner car while your car is in the shop, seeking a fair solution after a hotel messes up your reservation, settling on the price for your new home -- in short, any transaction. The key is flexibility. Most books on negotiation preach one of two gospels: thou shalt collaborate or thou shalt compete. Either everybody works together toward a common goal or the process is basically adversarial. The problem is no two negotiations are alike -- one strategy cannot fit all. The One Minute Negotiator teaches you four potential strategies and shows how to choose the one best suited to the situation, your own inclinations, and the strategy being used by the other side. Besides the obvious benefits, conquering negotiaphobia will reduce your stress level. You'll never walk away thinking about what you should have asked for or might have gotten. Instead, with tools Hutson and Lucas provide you can confidently and consistently guide any negotiation to the best possible conclusion. About the Author Don Hutson is chairman and CEO of U.S. Learning, Chairman of the Board of Executive Books, and an accomplished corporate speaker and trainer. George H. Lucas is a senior consultant and member of the board of directors for U.S. Learning. Table of Content Foreword by Ken Blanchard Chapter 1: I Have Negotiaphobia?! Chapter 2: Moonlight Reflections and Midcourse Corrections Chapter 3: The EASY Process for Treating Negotiaphobia Chapter 4: Engaging the Treatment Process Chapter 5: Assessing Your Tendencies Chapter 6: Assessing the Tendencies of Others Chapter 7: Strategizing: One Size Does Not Fit All Chapter 8: Your One Minute Drill in Practice Epilogue: One Year Later The One Minute Negotiator Handy Glossary Acknowledgments About the Authors