ISBN 9788188479412,The Open Secret : The Open Secret Of Spiritual Awakening

The Open Secret : The Open Secret Of Spiritual Awakening


Tony Parsons


Yogi Impressions



Yogi Impressions

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788188479412

ISBN-10 8188479411


Number of Pages 118 Pages
Language (English)

Bible readings, selections & meditations

The Open Secret is a singular and radical work which speaks of the fundamental liberation that is absolutely beyond effort, path, process, or belief.

"Throughout my early life I felt that there was another possibility that, once realised, would transform all and everything. One day that possibility became a reality, and it was simple and ordinary, magnificent and revolutionary.

It is the open secret that reveals itself in every part of our lives.

But realisation does not emerge through our attempts to change our lives; it comes as a direct rediscovery of 'who' it is that lives.

The past and future are simply part of the drama that keeps us locked into the illusion of being separate entities. Once the gate has opened into another possibility, then the real adventure begins."