ISBN 9788132100645,The Partition Motif in Contemporary Conflicts

The Partition Motif in Contemporary Conflicts



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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788132100645

ISBN-10 8132100646

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Number of Pages 1276 Pages
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This set presents a comprehensive analytical study of the state of social justice in India. The four volumes undertake theoretical and empirical inquiry into the various spheres of justice, collectively creating what can be termed a ?report card? of the regime of social justice in the country. Authored by some of the finest ethnographers and analysts in the country, the works approach the issue of justice in the broader context of post-colonial democracy, and look at the limits within which democracy permits justice, social justice in particular. The volumes, which are part of the series State of Justice in India: Issues of Social Justice, reveal that the issues pertaining to social justice are extremely contentious, and hence, dynamic. The ethnographic-historical studies are cast in an archaeological mode of inquiry. They highlight how time, place, history, perceptions, arrangements or apparatuses (such as legal, judicial, constitutional and administrative apparatuses) play significant roles in influencing social justice. This set will be a rich resource for students and researchers working in the fields of justice, sociology, law, political theory and Indian democracy. It will also be immensely useful for policy makers, policy analysts, human rights activists and NGOs. Table of Contents VOLUME I: SOCIAL JUSTICE AND ENLIGHTENMENT: WEST BENGAL PRADIP KUMAR BOSE and SAMIR KUMAR DAS Series Acknowledgement RANABIR SAMADDAR Series Introduction RANABIR SAMADDAR Introduction PRADIP KUMAR BOSE and SAMIR KUMAR DAS Land Acquisition Act and Social Justice: A Study on Development and Displacement RATAN KHASNABIS Two Leaves and a Bud: Tea and Social Justice in Darjeeling ROSHAN RAI and SUBHAS RANJAN CHAKRABORTY Deprivation and Social Injustice in a Rural Context: An Ethnographic Account KUMAR RANA with AMRIT PAIRA and ILA PAIRA On the Wrong Side of the Fence: Embankment, People and Social Justice in the Sundarbans AMITES MUKHOPADHYAY Prescribed, Tolerated, and Forbidden Forms of Claim Making RANABIR SAMADDAR Consolidated Bibliography About the Editors and Contributors Index VOLUME II: JUSTICE AND LAW: THE LIMITS OF THE DELIVERABLES OF LAW ASHOK AGRWAAL and BHARAT BHUSHAN Series Acknowledgement RANABIR SAMADDAR Series Introduction RANABIR SAMADDAR Introduction ASHOK AGRWAAL and BHARAT BHUSHAN Justice in the Time of Transition: Select Indian Experiences SABYASACHI BASU RAY CHAUDHURY The Founding Moment: Social Justice in the Constitutional Mirror SAMIR KUMAR DAS Indexing Social Justice in India : A Story of Commissions, Reports and Popular Responses BHARAT BHUSHAN Trivialising Justice: Reservation under Rule of Law ASHOK AGRWAAL The Fallacy of Equality: ?Anti-Citizens?, Sexual Justice and the Law in India OISHIK SIRCAR Consolidated Bibliography About the Editor and Contributors Index VOLUME III: MARGINALITIES AND JUSTICE PAULA BANERJEE and SANJAY CHATURVEDI List of Tables and Figures Series Acknowledgement RANABIR SAMADDAR Series Introduction RANABIR SAMADDAR Introduction PAULA BANERTJEE and SANJAY CHATURVEDI Gulamiya Ab Hum Nahi Bajeibo: Peoples? Expressions for Justice in Jehanabad MANISH K JHA Ethnography of Social Justice in Dalit Pattis (Hamlets) of Rural UP BADRI NARAYAN TIWARI Rights and Social Justice for Tribal Population in India AMIT PRAKASH AIDS, Marginality and Women PAULA BANERJEE Towards Environmental Justice Movement in India? Spatiality, Hierarchies and Inequalities SANJAY CHATURVEDI Consolidated Bibliography About the Editors and Contributors Index VOLUME IV: KEY TEXTS ON SOCIAL JUSTICE IN INDIA SANAM ROOHI and RANABIR SAMADDAR Series Acknowledgement RANABIR SAMADDAR Series Introduction RANABIR SAMADDAR Section I. DEVELOPMENT AND DISCONTENT: THE QUESTION OF INJUSTICE : Introduction Ethnic Politics and Land Use: Genesis of Conflicts in India?s North-East SANJAY BARBORA Contexts and Constructions of Water Scarcity LYLA MEHTA Karnataka: Kudremukh: Of Mining and Environment MUZAFFAR ASSADI Report of Investigation into Nandigram Mass Killing: A Report by Sanhati Eroded Lives: Riverbank Erosion and Displacement of Women in West Bengal KRISHNA BANDYOPADHYAY, SOMA GHOSH and NILANJAN DUTTA Section II. SOCIAL JUSTICE: THE STATE AND ITS PERCEPTIONS: Introduction The Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill, 2005 The National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities Act, 1999 The Right to Information Act, 2005 The National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2007 The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 Section III. JUSTICE: LAW AND BEYOND: Introduction Illegality and Exclusion: Law in the Lives of Slum Dwellers USHA RAMANATHAN Illegal Coal Mining in Eastern India: Rethinking Legitimacy and Limits of Justice KUNTALA LAHIRI-DUTT Verdict on an HIV Case, Supreme Court of India LAYA MEDHINI, DIPIKA JAIN and COLIN GONZALVES An Indian Charter for Minority Rights Sabyasachi Basu Ray CHAUDHURY Section IV. WOMEN AND MARGINALITY: AN ISSUE OF GENDER JUSTICE: Introduction Gender: Women and HIV LAYA MEDHINI, DIPIKA JAIN and COLIN GONZALVES National Policy for the Empowerment of Women (2001) Women, Trafficking and Statelessness in South Asia PAULA BANERJEE Section V. JUSTICE: MARGINAL POSITIONS AND ALTERNATIVE NOTIONS: Introduction Voices from Folk School of Dalit Bahujan and Marginalised to Policy Makers PEOPLE?S VIGILANCE COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS Social Assessment of HIV/AIDS among Tribal People in India NACP III PLANNING TEAM Caste is Dead: Long Live Caste G P DESHPANDE Tehelka Debate: Beyond Caste PUROSHOTTAM AGARWAL Report from the Flaming Fields of Bihar: A CPI (ML) Document Section VI. FREEDOM AND EQUALITY, RIGHTS AND SOCIAL SECURITY: BUILDING BLOCKS OF JUSTICE : Introduction Jungle Book: Tribal Forest Rights Recognised For First Time NANDINI SUNDAR Informal Sector in India: Approaches for Social Security Arguments, Protests, Strikes and Free Speech: The Career and Prospects of the Right to Strike in India RAJEEV DHAVAN Democracy and Right to Food JEAN DREZE About the Editors and Contributors Index