ISBN 9780074516102,The Physics Of Waves And Oscillations

The Physics Of Waves And Oscillations



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780074516102

ISBN-10 0074516108


Number of Pages 432 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

The Physics Of Waves And Oscillations, written by N. K. Bajaj, is a resource book created for students in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of physics. It specifically deals with waves and oscillations explained using mathematical steps and logical necessity. The book provides detailed insights into the fundamental laws of physics. The book contains chapters such as Free Damped Oscillations, Wave Motion, Reflection and Standing Waves, and Coupled Oscillations. There are also chapters titled Superposition of Harmonic Oscillations, Forced Oscillations and Resource, and Normal Modes of Continuous Systems. This work also deals with Free Oscillations of Systems with one Degree of Freedom: Simple Harmonic Motion. The Physics Of Waves And Oscillations also details topics such as Wave Group, Modulations and Pulses. There are ten chapters present in the book and each of these chapters contain solved problems at the end. Through The Physics of Waves and Oscillations, students will be able to familiarize with wave and the oscillators' motion in different mediums. This will enable them to develop the abilities and skill to solve problems related to waves and oscillations. The author has used SI units and Cartesian Coordinates as standards for all the numerical problems and formulae listed in the book. He also provides a detailed list of references which will help students understand the illustrated concepts better. The Physics of Waves and Oscillations also contains examples and problems that aid in the comprehension of the concepts. The author has treated the subject in a lucid and simplistic manner for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. About N. K. Bajaj N. K. Bajaj is a professor and author. Other books written by him include Physics For Class XII and Objective Physics For Engineering & Medical College Entrance Exams. Bajaj is a professor of Physics who has been associated with St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi for almost three decades. He has also been a part of the University of Maryland's Department of Physics. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Free Oscillations of Systems with one Degree of Freedom: Simple Harmonic Motion Chapter 2. Superposition of Harmonic Oscillations Chapter 3. Free Damped Oscillations Chapter 4. Forced Oscillations and Resource Chapter 5. Coupled Oscillations Chapter 6. Normal Modes of Continuous Systems: Fourier Method Chapter 7. Wave Motion Chapter 8. Reflection and Standing Waves Chapter 9. Modulations, Wave Group and Pulses Index