ISBN 9788880953814,The Sacred Heart Of Rajasthan

The Sacred Heart Of Rajasthan





ISBN 9788880953814

ISBN-10 8880953818


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Located at the edge of the Thar Desert in the geographic center of the Land of the Rajas, since ancient times the sacred heart of Rajasthan has pulsed around two cities, Pushkar and Ajmer. Only about a dozen kilometers apart, they are respectively the two most important religious centers and pilgrimage sites for the country's Hindus and Moslems. Ajmer, at whose mosque Hindus and Moslems worshipped even during the times of the mogul emperor Akbar to render homage to the Chisti saint Kwaja Muin ud Din, is one of themost sacred places of pilgrimage for India's Moslems. Pushkar, whose lake is said to have been created by a lotus flower fallen from the hand of the god Brahma, is one of the most venerated tirtha for Hindus. Like Benares and Mount Kailash in Tibet, it can provide credit on hte road to liberation. The two cities are windows on history, on traditions thousands of years old, and on Rajathan's religious culture.