ISBN 9780071475938,The Secret to Ge's Success : A Former Insider Reveals The Leadership Lessons of The World's Most Competitive Company

The Secret to Ge's Success : A Former Insider Reveals The Leadership Lessons of The World's Most Competitive Company



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780071475938

ISBN-10 0071475931


Number of Pages 293 Pages
Language (English)


Apply the Successful Management Strategies of the World's Most Competitive Company to Your Organization . .

For over 125 years, GE has been a managerial, technological, and financial leader, continually outperforming the competition and boasting one of the most valued stocks in the world. . .

Now, in "The Secret to GE's Success," Bill Rothschild, former GE Senior Strategist, draws out the key management lessons from GE's entire history to show leaders everywhere how they can achieve GE-like success in their own organizations.. .

This compelling strategic leadership book looks at the four stages of GE's development_the eras of Thomas Edison, Ralph Cordiner, Jack Welch, and Jeff Immelt_and explains how the successes and failures of each period contributed to making GE a world-class company.. .

Rothschild analyzes in detail the five factors that have been the hallmarks of all GE leadership teams throughout its history: . Having the right leaders for the right time. Developing flexible strategies and the ability to adapt. Continually investing in high-potential people. Being proactive, not reactive to social, political, or economic events. Maintaining discipline and consistency. .

Filled with fascinating behind-the-scenes accounts of GE's best strategic decisions, "The Secrets to GE's Success" features a wealth of practical, hands-on concepts that leaders can successfully apply to any company.. .

"The Secret to GE's Success" is the first book to identify and explain every aspect of the GE Code: the hallmark of all GE leadership teams. Bill Rothschild, former GE Senior Strategist and 30-year insider, describes GE's success over its entire history, focusing on thecrucial role of leadership in the company's evolution, and drawing on the timeless lessons of GE practice throughout its storied past.. .

This essential leadership guide offers an in-depth look at the four stages of GE's development, ranging from the company's founding by Thomas Edison, through the eras of Ralph Cordiner and Jack Welch, to the present period under Jeff Immelt. At each stage, the author highlights the strong leadership characteristics and highly effective strategies that produced consistent growth and profitability.. . Designed to boost management skills and career potential, "The Secret to GE's Success" explores the five key reasons for the company's astonishing, long-term achievements, showing managers how and when to: . . Create a succession system that identifies the right leader for the right. time . Recognize when even seemingly successful strategies need to be. adapted and changed. Develop a farm system to create a deep, skilled, and loyal. managerial and professional bench. Take a stand against social, political, and economic policies that can. prevent the company from controlling its own destiny. Establish, adapt, and use systems in finance, strategic planning, and. human resource management that lend stability to the organization, . and help it make progress toward overall goals. .

A complete toolkit for duplicating GE's remarkable achievements, "The Secret to GE's Success" now equips leaders at any company, anywhere in the world, with a far-ranging prescriptive plan for strategizing the GE way_ and dramatically improving organizational performance