ISBN 9788129113344,The Song Of Truth

The Song Of Truth


Alagu Muthu


Rupa Publications



Rupa Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788129113344

ISBN-10 8129113341


Number of Pages 1246 Pages
Language (English)


Happiness is a state of mind - that is the central theme of Patanjali's Yogasutras which seek to the life of man/.A fascinating study of the mind,it can be regarded as the psychology of the East for the way it unravels the mystery of the human psyche,understands it's working and enhances it. As yoga becomes a way of life for millions of people across the globe,a holistic understanding of yoga and it's true purpose becomes imperative.Patanjali's Yoga Sutras is the foremost work on yoga and is regarded as one of the greatest contributions of ancient Indian thought to mankind in general.Harnesing ancient wisdom,the work provides a menaingful direction for bringing the body,the senses and eventually,the mind into a harmonius state that would enable one to live in peace with oneself and with everyone and everything around. The book has been written in a simple style and lyrical style for the yoga enthusiast who wants to be introduced to the 'thought of yogi'.The concepts are nevertheless profound,and are explained lucidly in the attempts to help the understanding of the essence of the Yogasutras and can serve as a useful stepping stone for those who seek to enter and enjoy the many valuable commentaries written by the great master.

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