ISBN 9788126900916,The Splendours and Dimensions of Yoga (Volume - 1)

The Splendours and Dimensions of Yoga (Volume - 1)


R. S. Bajpai



Atlantic Publishers

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788126900916

ISBN-10 8126900911


Number of Pages 412 Pages
Language (English)


The book entitled, The Splendours and Dimensions of Yoga brilliantly covers up Eight Limbs of Yoga. Besides, there are very remarkable chapters covering the entire gamut of Science of Yoga mostly dealing with Upanishads and Gita, also total Sanskrit texts to Yoga Sutra of Sage Patanjali to prove it a master-piece. And there is a good background of few well-known yogins and most imminent Yoga scholars, saints and tantriks related to the art of Yoga as well as a lot of original effort to depict the whole panorama of it. It deals with Indian Philosophy, where needed, and also with the abolition of all desires. It has a very remarkable commentary on Emptiness of Buddhism, keeping in mind all the trends and views as highlighted by H.H. Dalai Lama. This book is rich in new vision, freshness and spiritualism, so please try to own a copy of it for yourself and get good inspiration, full joy, good health and a wonderful experience of spiritualism.

About the Author
Life has not been a bed of roses for Dr. R.S. Bajpai as his mother passed away when he was only three years old boy, and then his father expired when he was of twelve years age. There was nobody to support him. And he was left alone under the Sun to swim or sink. He developed a deep sense of devotion and began to pray daily in a village temple of Lord Shiva with pure heart and soul. Thus, he developed a sense of confidence. Now he was no more critical of a bad bargain with life, neither weary of it at all. He planned to accomplish higher studies on the basis of coaching students while learning himself under the feet of the goddess of learning Saraswati. These sincere efforts in right direction backed with a remarkable dynamism made him to secure throughout tripple M.As., high percentage of marks in M.A. (English Literature), M.A. (Hindi) and M.A. (Ancient Indian History and Culture). Then he had joined research and obtained a Doctor of Philosophy degree on Radio Drama which is the most remarkable branch of Literature. Dr. Bajpai has been a Professor of English for more than 25 years. Also as an author, he commands English, Sanskrit and Hindi languages with same grace, lucidity, clarity and appeal. There are some standard books credited to him to testify it. He is a multi-faceted personality and a Yoga expert too both in Theory and Practice.

Table of Contents
1. Hatha Yoga
2. The Anatomy : Its Relation with Yogic Science
3. Lofty Glimpses of the Yoga in the Vedas and Upanishads
4. The Relation between Science and Yoga : Is Yoga a Pure Science?
5. Patanjali Yoga-Sutra
6. Yoga as a Philosophy and Religion
7. Analysis of the Study of the Ancient and Modern Concepts of Yoga
8. The Mind and Dhyana : Its Role in the Science of Yoga
9. Yoga and the Concept of Mind in Yogic Traditions
10. Dhyana Yoga
11. The Tantra, the Yoga and the Bodhisattva Doctrine
12. Brahmacharya and the Great Value of Celibacy in Yoga
13. Pranayama
14. Sadhana
15. Bhakti Yoga
16. Pratyahara
17. The Yoga and Samadhi
18. The Role of Astrology, Astronomy and Palmisty in Yogic Science
19. Dharana
20. 'OM' The Matrix of Hindu Worship
21. The Mythology, The Goddess Durga and the Tantras
22. Lord Buddha : The Divine Revelation of Tathagata
23. Shivalingam's Worship and Yoga
24. Role of Food in Yoga
25. Mahayogi Gorakhnatha : The Nath Cult and the Science of Yoga
26. Pathways to Meditation
27. The Aghora Pantha : A Part of the Aspects of Yoga Worship
28. Realisation of a Dream
29. What is Tension?
30. The Problem of Consciousness : A Critical Study
31. The Samskara : Its Link with Yogic Science and the Yogic Attainments
32. JnanaYoga
33. Yoga and Ayurveda
34. Yoga and The Indian Tradition : A Brief History
35. Some Important Organs and Glands and Their Functions
36. Effects of Colours on the Mind and Body
37. Ayurvedic-Ways to Stay Healthy and Young
38. Diseases of Blood and Cardio-Vascular System Yoga Postures