ISBN 9780415342520,The Television Handbook

The Television Handbook






Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780415342520

ISBN-10 041534252X


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)


The Television Handbook" is a critical introduction to the practice and theory of television. Jonathan Bignell and Jeremy Orlebar discuss the state of television today, explain how television is made, and how production is organized, and discuss how critical thinking about programmes and genres can illuminate their meanings. This book also explores how developments in technology and the changing structure of the television industry will lead the medium in new directions.
"The Television Hand book" gives practical advise on many aspects of program making, from an initial program idea through to shooting and the post-production process. The book includes profiles giving insight into how personnel in the television industry from recent graduates to television executives think about their work.
"The television Handbook" bridges the gap between theory and practice. There are chapters on the vigorous debates about what is meant by "quality" television, how news and factual programmes are changing as new technologies and formats such as Reality TV have risen in prominence, and how drama, sport and music television can be understood.

Updated to include information and discussion on new technologies and new critical ideas, Jonathon Bignell and Jeremy Orlebar present this excellent critical introduction to the practice and theory of television, which relates media studies theories and critical approaches to practical television programme making.

Featuring advice on many aspects of programme making, from initial ideas to post-production processes, and includes profiles to give insight into how people in the industry, from graduates to executives, think about their work.

With debates on what is meant by a qualitya (TM) television, key discussions include: