ISBN 9788121202305,The Temple In Andhradesa

The Temple In Andhradesa



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 1988

ISBN 9788121202305

ISBN-10 8121202302

Hard Back

Number of Pages 254 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

The Hindu temple is the centre of social, religious and cultural life of the people. Schools attached to temples impart education, sculptures and paintings on the temple walls provide opportunities for aesthetic expression and art appreciation it also offer employment to architects musicians, dancers and host of other professionals. As such, the temple has always received patronage of the reigning monarchs, oligarchs, of the reigning monarchs, oligarchs, the rich and wealthy. Of course, the common man is intimately attached to the temple both for worldly and other worldly business. This work makes a thorough study of the institution of temple in its various aspects. Beginning with the various types of temples, their individual styles, significance and symbolism, the study dwells on the construction, maintenance, organization, management, worship and festivals. Further, the discussion probes into the gifts made to the temples and the purposes for which the fifths are made. The account of various annual and periodic temple festivals makes a fascinating reading. Management of the temple, with attached property and institutions and various functionaries, has received the author's meticulous attention. Though the study is largely based on the temples of Andhra Pradesh, the findings have an all-India relevance and interest. A first research work of its kind, useful to scholars of history, art, architecture, religion, culture, sociology and indology.