ISBN 9788184680058,The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift


Jim Stovall


Master Mind Books



Master Mind Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788184680058

ISBN-10 8184680058


Number of Pages 158 Pages
Language (English)


The death of Howard "Red" Stevens, a man with a massive fortune brings up the greedy hopes of all his relatives, and his grandson, Jason, is no exception. As all the beneficiaries of the billionaire received their share of the wealth, Jason was anticipating an inheritance of a good amount of the portion of the multi-billion dollar estate. His frivolous lifestyle thriving on his grandfather's gravy had led him to believe that money was the key to a comfortable and decent life. But, what lay in store for him changed his life forever. The Ultimate Gift willed to him by his grandfather transformed Jason into a self righteous man. This captivating story by Jim Stovall has been a bestseller and also found its way into Hollywood. The movie DVD sales of The Ultimate Gift were quite high. In the first two months after its release in 2007 the sales soared a $9.55 million. Jim Stovall is an American author who has faced and fought the challenges of blindness. Having graduated from Oral Roberts University with an Honorary Doctorate of Law for his work with the disabled, Jim has also been a national level athlete and a winner of the National Entrepreneur of the Year award. Stovall is a dedicated advocate of the blind. As the cofounder and president of Narrative Television Network, he made movies and television accessible to the visually impaired population of America. Other notable works by him are You Don't Have To Be Blind To See, Success Secrets of Super Achievers, and The Way I See the World. Stovall was honoured as the 2000 International Humanitarian of the year. Inspired by his own book, he has recently developed The Ultimate Gift Institute.