ISBN 9781905239535,The Uncanny X-Men: Rogue Storm

The Uncanny X-Men: Rogue Storm


Dave Cockrum


Marvel Pocket Book



Marvel Pocket Book

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781905239535

ISBN-10 190523953X

Paper Back

Number of Pages 188 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories & other fiction

Humanity is at a crisis point, With 'ordinary' humans terrified of their mutant neighbours, Professor Charles Xavier has a vision of a future where everyone can live side-by-side. Transforming his home into a school for young mutants, he uses his incredible mental powers to show them how to master their extraordinary abilities and mould them into a formidable fighting team.

Counting writer Chris Claremont's classic run on the Uncanny X-Men, this collection of X-tales feature the Children of the Atom battling some of the world's most deadly villains. When their closest friends are kidnapped, the X-Men are blackmailed into travelling to Latveria to free the murderous Arcade from the clutches of Dr Doom. Next, they return to New York to combat crazed deformed mutant known as Caliban. Finally, their arch-enemy Magneto makes his latest bid for world domination, and the X-Men find themselves in a lethal race against time to stop his crazed scheme. A situation made a hundred times worse as they have been robbed of their mutant abilities. Powerless, outclassed, and with the very planet at stake, they must find a way to stop him at any cost.