ISBN 9788121504508,The Vedantasutras with the Sribhasya of Ramanujacarya, Vol. II

The Vedantasutras with the Sribhasya of Ramanujacarya, Vol. II



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788121504508

ISBN-10 8121504503

Hard Back

Number of Pages 458 Pages
Language (English)

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The present work Sribhasya, is the commentary on the Vedantasutras by Sri Ramanujacarya. Ramanuja wrote the commentary in a context which necessitated not merely the exposition of the tradition he represented, but also the refutations of the viewpoints of other philosophers like Sri Samkara Bhaskara and Yadava. The Sribhasya has a total of 157 adhikaranas with numerous aphorisms. The present volume contains 11 adhikaranas in which Ramanuja enters with penetrating insight into the detailed study of the Vedantasutras. According to him, the supreme Brahman "the Highest person is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the universe, and he is distinct from matter the soul." It is his view that God is omniscient and omnipotent and who is wholly pure and full of all auspicious qualities. Ramanuja successfully explains the above viewpoints with his authentic exposition and interpretation of the upanisads. The analytical outline given in the book lucidly explains all these aspects in the present volume. CONTENTS: Publisher's note Preface to the second edition Preface to the first edition Introduction Chap .A. Part. I : 1. Adhikarana I Sarvatraprasiddhyadhikarana 2. Adhikarana II Attradhikarana 3. Adhikarana III Antaradhikarana 4. Adhikarana IV Antaryamyadhikarana 5. Adhikarana V Adrsyatvadigunakadhikarana 6. Adhikarana VI Vaisvanaradhikarana Part. 2 : 1. Adhikarana I Dyubhvadyadhikarana 2. Adhikarana II Bhumadhikarana 3. Adhikarana HI Aksaradhikarana 4. Adhikarana IV Iksatikarmadhikarana 5. Adhikarana V Daharadhikarana 6. Adhikarana VI Pramitadhikarana 7. Adhikarana VII Devatadhikarana 8. Adhikarana VIII Madhvadhikarana 9. Adhikarana IX Apasudradhikarana 10. Adhikarana X Pramitadhikarana (continued) 11. Adhikarana XI Arthantaratvadivyapadesadhikarana Part. III : 1. Adhikarana I Anumanikadhikarana 2. Adhikarana II Camasadhikarana 3. Adhikarana III Samkhyopasamgrahadhikarana 4. Adhikarana IV Karanatvadhikarana 5. Adhikarana V JAGADVACITVADHIKARANA 6. Adhikarana VI Vakyanvayadhikarana 7. Adhikarana VII Prakrtyadhikarana 8. Adhikarana VIII Sarva-vyakhyanadhikarana 9. Chap. B. Part .IV : 1. Adhikarana I Smrtyadhikarana 2. Adhikarana II Yogapratuktyadhikarana 3. Adhikarana III Vilaksanatvadhikarana 4. Adhikarana IV Sistaparigrahadhikarana 5. Adhikarana V Bhoktrapattyadhikarana 6. Adhikarana VI Arambhanadhikarana 7. Adhikarana VII Itaravyapadesadhikaranam 8. Adhikarana VIII Upasamhara-darsanadhikarana 9. Adhikarana IX Krtsnaprasaktyadhikarana 10. Adhikarana X Prayojanavattvadhikarana