ISBN 9788124200063,The Vision of India

The Vision of India


Mitra S K



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Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788124200063

ISBN-10 8124200068


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)

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Among the world's classics of great literature of great literature, Sir Edwin Arnold's The Light of Asia' And 'The Indian Song of Songs' (Gita Govinda) have enjoyed a unique degree of popularity of the two works. The Light of Asia' in particular has run into nearly a hundred different editions and with every new edition the demand for more has increased rather than slackened through the last century. Because of the unfailing inspiration, delight and enlightenment that 'The Light of Asia' And 'The Indian Song of Songs' constantly provide to the reading public, the publishers have deemed if-fit to include in the present one-volume edition, for the first time, both the books as an aid to readers unaquainted with the Sanskrit language. By way of an explanatory introduction to the philosophy of Bhuddism as expounded by its founder, we have included in the opening pages of this volume a learned essay by Mr. K.D. Sethna, an ardent disciple of Sri Aurobindo and a poet and writer of great merit. Mr. Sethna, essay is a complementary adjunct to the study of Arnold's The Light of Asia' in as much as the one is a philosophic approach to Buddhism and its immortal teacher while the other is a predominantly poetic approach. It must, however be noted to the lasting credit of Sir Edwin Arnold that, despite many criticisms to the contrary, his exposition of the tenets and teachings of Buddha as found in 'The Light of Asia' is one of the truest and best ever found in the English Language.

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