ISBN 9780553811889,The Visitor

The Visitor


Lee Child


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780553811889

ISBN-10 0553811886


Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)


The Visitor commences in the city of New York. Jack Reacher, an ex-military cop, is caught up in a confrontation with two thugs at a local restaurant, and is summoned by the FBI thereafter for questioning about the incident. During the interrogation, he is also questioned about the suspicious death of two ex-military women soldiers whose cases he had dealt with during his term with the Military Police. Not long after, however, he is released when the FBI is alerted of the death of two other soldiers. Unwittingly, Reacher gets majorly involved in the ongoing murder investigation of a possible serial killer. He is teamed up with Agent Lisa Harper, who is assigned to accompany him everywhere. The killer's modus operandi is killing the victims in a way that inflicts no external wounds or abrasions. The killer then leaving them in a bathtub filled with army-issue camouflage paint. The story progresses at an intense pace as the team tries to capture this extraordinarily crafty killer who never leaves behind any trace evidence. The novel is narrated in the third person and The Visitor was a nominee for Best Hardcover Book at the 2001 Barry Awards. About Lee Child Lee Child, born in 1954, is a British author and novelist, adept in the field of crime fiction and mystery thrillers. He has authored several novels of the thriller genre like Tripwire, The Affair, Gone Tomorrow, Persuader, One Shot, Without Fail, A Wanted Man, 61 Hours, and Echo Burning. Born in Coventry, England, Child grew up in Birmingham. After deciding to pursue law, he studied at Sheffield University, and after graduating he dabbled in some commercial television. Child became a full-time writer after he lost his job due to corporate restructuring in 1995. In 1997, he published his first book, Killing Floor, which was an award-winning success. An ardent lover of the written word and music, he currently lives with his wife and daughter. They divide their time between their country house in France and their Manhattan apartment