ISBN 9789381431047,The Wisdom Tree Series  Quotes of Osho

The Wisdom Tree Series Quotes of Osho


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Hay House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789381431047

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Rajneesh, as he was known, before he attained enlightenment, was born in Kushwada, Madhya Pradesh on December 11, 1931. From his early childhood he displayed a rebellious and questioning nature and insisted on raising doubts about all accepted beliefs and traditions. For him every truth had to be his own. He completed his post graduation in philosophy and for many years taught philosophy at the University of Jabalpur. He also traveled extensively all over India, debating on religious beliefs of every shade and hue. The debates usually took the form of challenges thrown by him, which orthodox religious leaders attempted to answer. He met people from all walks of life and he read practically everything that he could lay his hands on. Osho was essentially an iconoclast, who opposed all generally accepted beliefs and traditions. But this opposition was based on a deep study of all religions and beliefs. In fact the extent and depth of his knowledge and understanding of practically every known religion of the world is truly mind boggling. His discourses cover every aspect of human consciousness and spirituality and express his thoughts in clear, everyday terms. The fact that eighteen years after his death, his speeches, both in recordings and in print, are still sought more avidly, bears testimony to the fact that no matter what his detractors might say, Osho remains one of the greatest spiritual leader of our times.. This is a compilation of 101 of his most famous quotes.

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