ISBN 9780761933854,Themes in Sociology of Education

Themes in Sociology of Education


Mani Monto


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780761933854

ISBN-10 0761933859

Hard Back

Number of Pages 212 Pages
Language (English)


This book?an outcome of the authors? ongoing research on the complex relationships between humans and water in an urban context?presents an integrated model for assessing and forecasting the sustainability of human settlements, particularly urban communities. After introducing the conceptual and contextual dimensions of sustainability through an extensive review of the literature on the subject, the authors go on to explain their model. They then elaborate on the methodology for its formulation, development and implementation. This model has also been used to analyse changes in the availability of water and open spaces, and variations in lifestyles, community attitudes and living conditions including sanitation practices, and waste generation and its disposal. Table of Contents Foreword VIVEK N PATKAR Preface Sustainable Development: A Study of the Literature Sustainable Human Settlements Sustainable Human Settlements Models: Implementation Sustainable Human Settlements: A Model Formulation Integrated Model Simulation System Summary Appendix 1: Definitions of Sustainable Development Appendix 2: The CSD?s Sustainable Development Indicators Framework Appendix 3: Principles of Sustainable Development Appendix 4: The Bellagio and Hannover Principles Appendix 5: The UN General Assembly?s Seven Main Human Settlement Sustainability Issues Appendix 6: Overview of Indicators Set Focusing on 20 Key Select Areas of Human Society Appendix 7: Articles from the News Media Highlighting the Role of Community Attitude in Sustainable Development References Index