ISBN 9788174090509,Theory of Plasticity & Metal Forming Process

Theory of Plasticity & Metal Forming Process


Sadhu Singh


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174090509

ISBN-10 8174090509

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 580 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

The first two editions of this book were published under the title "THEORY OF PLASTICITY". This title had limited scope as this course is being offered at the postgraduate level only. The popular course at the undergraduate level is "METAL FORMING PROCESSES". Even though some topics on Metal Forming Processes were covered in the first two editions.

The third edition of the book is being presented to the readers with the new title as "THEORY OF PLASTICITY AND METAL FORMING PROCESSES". A large number of new topics, articles, and solved examples have been added to fulfill the needs of the readers.

Table of Contents
Fundamental of Elasticity Plastic Deformation of Metals Stress-Strain Relations Yield Criterias Deformation in Tension Bending of Beams Torsion of Bars Pressure Vessels Rotating Rings, Discs and Cylinders Slip-Line Field Theory Metal Forming Processes Drawing and Extrusion Processes Rolling Forging Tube Sinking and Ironing Sheet Metal Forming Process Unconventional Forming Process Numerical Methods Energy and Extremum Principles Miscellaneous Topics