ISBN 9781107667686,Think On My Words

Think On My Words



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781107667686

ISBN-10 1107667682


Number of Pages 266 Pages
Language (English)

English Learning & Teaching

For Decades, People Have Been Studying Shakespeare'S Life And Times And In Recent Years There Has Been A Renewed Surge Of Interest In Aspects Of His Language. So How Can We Better Understand Shakespeare? David Crystal Provides A Lively And Original Introduction To Shakespeare'S Language, Making His Plays Easily Accessible To Modern Day Audiences. Covering The Five Main Dimensions Of Language Structure Writing System, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary And Conversational Style This Book Demonstrates How Examining These Linguistic 'Nuts And Bolts' Can Help Us Achieve A Greater Appreciation Of Shakespeare'S Linguistic Creativity.

Table Of Contents : -

1. You Speak A Language That I Understand Not: Myths And Realities
2. Now, Sir, What Is Your Text?: Knowing The Sources
3. In Print I Found It: Shakespearean Graphology
4. Know My Stops: Shakespearean Punctuation
5. Speak The Speech: Shakespearean Phonology
6. Trippingly Upon The Tongue: Shakespearean Pronunciation
7. Think On My Words: Shakespearean Vocabulary
8. Talk Of A Noun And A Verb: Shakespearean Grammar
9. Hear Sweet Discourse: Shakespearean Conversation; Epilogue: 'Your Daring Tongue': Shakespearean Creativity