ISBN 9780747580836,Tooth and claw

Tooth and claw


T. C. Boyle


Bloomsbury Books



Bloomsbury Books

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780747580836

ISBN-10 0747580839


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)

Contemporary Fiction

This new collection of short stories from T.C. Boyle finds him at his mercurial best. Inventive, wickedly funny, sometimes disturbing, these are the stories of the dropouts, deadbeats and kooks of small-time America. The characters in "Tooth and Claw" are attracted to extremes: the man who shares his apartment with a wildcat won in a drunken bet; the nature buffs who find themselves in a vicious blizzard; the drive-time shock jock, hallucinating with sleep deprivation for a publicity stunt; the suburban woman who joins a pack of dogs, eating rabbits and baying at the moon. Nature, in T.C. Boyle's world, proves to be a sinister and unpredictable force, but here too are moments of reprieve, where the meteor hurtling through space maybe isn't heading straight for you. With a unique deftness of touch and a keen eye for the telling detail, T.C. Boyle has mapped the strange underworld of America with the familiarity of an expert cartographer.