ISBN 9780241184042,Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind

Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind


David Linden


Penguin Books



Penguin Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780241184042

ISBN-10 0241184045


Number of Pages 300 Pages
Language (English)


Our skin has touch circuits, and so do our nerves and our brain. Touch is merely one of the five senses in the human body. However, it is this one sense that rules over various aspects of our life right from our choice of consumer goods all the way up to our sexual feelings. This one sense has the power to control our emotions, social life, health and overall development. The author, in this work, uses his wit to lead his readers to an explanation of their identity and experiences by understanding touch. He gives us the secrets of this sense and how it can be used in improving our lives, both personally as well as professionally. He shows us how touch can reduce feelings like stress and fear and produce more positive feelings like confidence and happiness. The stories in this book are surprising where each incident takes you through a journey that will mesmerize you with facts of pleasure and pain.