ISBN 9788178298337,Tracing an Indian Diaspora

Tracing an Indian Diaspora


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178298337

ISBN-10 8178298333

Hard Back

Number of Pages 472 Pages
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The Indian diaspora, comprising over 20 million people spread across a hundred countries, continues to grow in size and make its presence felt. This collection traces various forms of plurality within the diaspora: geographical dispersion, historical contexts, temporal frames, authorial positions and political affiliations. It is an assemblage, not a narrative, and purposefully so. It does not attempt to produce a new boundary around diasporic identifications, but rather to unsettle diaspora by loosely juxtaposing a set of chapters that provide complementary, sometimes conflicting perspectives on diasporic locations, identifications and representations. Some sections of the compilation probe the migratory movements that have led to the formation of the Indian diaspora, unpacking its geographical scope and highlighting its different locales. Others look at diasporic practices, focusing on the ways and means of remembering and enacting diasporic belonging and the sites and spaces where such narratives of belonging are performed. This work is an invaluable resource for students, researchers and academicians working in the fields of anthropology, geography, history, political science, sociology, Asian studies, diaspora studies, South Asian studies, literary studies, cultural studies, ethnic and migration studies. Table of Contents Foreword SACHIDANANDA MOHANTY Acknowledgements Thinking ?Indian Diaspora? for our Times PARVATI RAGHURAM and AJAYA KUMAR SAHOO I: ?A NEW FORM OF SLAVERY?: INDENTURED DIASPORA Introduction BRIJ MAHARAJ Positioning the Indian Diaspora: The South-east Asian Experience RAJESH RAI Forgotten Malaysians? Indians and Malaysian Society CARL VADIVELLA BELLE Indo-Fijians: Forever Marooned without Land and Power in a South Pacific Archipelago? HENRY SREBRNIK Indo Caribbean Political Leaders During the Twentieth Century SAHADEO BASDEO and BRINSLEY SAMAROO II: THE NEW INDIAN DIASPORA Introduction DAVE SANGHA Citizenship and Dissent in Diaspora: Indian Immigrant Youth in the US After 9/11 SUNAINA MAIRA The Indian Diaspora in the United States of America: An Emerging Political Force? PIERRE GOTTSCHLICH Immigration Dynamics in the Receiving State?Emerging Issues for the Indian Diaspora in the United Kingdom PARVATI RAGHURAM Indian Diaspora in the United Kingdom: Second-Generation Parents? Views and Experiences on Heritage Language Transmission RAVINDER BARN Indian Diaspora in New Zealand: History, Identity and Cultural Landscapes WARDLOW FRIESEN and ROBIN A KEARNS III: DOING DIASPORA: IDENTIFICATIONS Introduction PARVATI RAGHURAM The Chishtiyya Diaspora?An Expanding Circle? CELIA A GENN Hyderabadis Abroad: Memories of Home KAREN ISAKSEN LEONARD Moving Beyond, Moving Ahead: Possible Paradigms for Accessing Indian Emigrant Subjectivities MALA PANDURANG Immigrants, Images, and Identity: Visualising Homelands Across Borders CYNTHIA J MILLER Identity Dilemmas: Gay South Asian Men in North America GEOFFREY BURKHART IV: REPRESENTATIONS: CONTESTATIONS OF/IN THE INDIAN DIASPORA Introduction PARVATI RAGHURAM Re-domesticating Hindu Femininity: Legible Pasts in the Bengali American Diaspora ESHA NIYOGI DE Romancing Religion: Neoliberal Bollywood?s Gendered Visual Repertoire for a Pain-free Globalization NANDINI BHATTACHARYA Women Writers of the South Asian Diaspora: Towards a Transnational Feminist Aesthetic? SAM NAIDU Memory of Trauma in Meena Alexander`s Texts JASPAL KAUR SINGH Meta-Mobilis: The Case for Polymorphous Existence in K S Maniam`s Between Lives BERNARD WILSON Exilic Dispositions and Dougla Identity in Laure Moutoussamy`s Passerelle de vie (The Bridge of Life) BRINDA MEHTA Index