ISBN 9788178298474,Trade in Services in South Asia : Opportunities and Risks of Liberalization

Trade in Services in South Asia : Opportunities and Risks of Liberalization


Moid Siddiqui


SAGE Response



SAGE Response

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178298474

ISBN-10 8178298473


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


Managing change is like performing a trapeze act. It involves thrill, passion, courage, adventure and perfect timing along with high degree of risk. Nowadays, change is a corporate need, not just for growth but also for simple survival. There are several books on ?managing change?, but what sets this book apart is its different tone and tenor, its ?storytelling? technique and its critical and in-depth treatment of the subject matter. The Acrobatics of Change: Concepts, Techniques, Strategies and Execution is divided into two parts. The first part, written by Moid Siddiqui, Managing Director, Intellects Biz, Hyderabad, deals with the concept of change dynamics and change techniques, including brainstorming, trigger techniques, SWOT analysis and wild idea sessions. The second part, penned by the former Chairman and Managing Director of Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. (SCCL), R. H. Khwaja, tells the true story of the company?s turnaround, which is being published for the first time. It will be an invaluable source of information for all professional managers. The book is a perfect blend of theories, concepts and practical techniques. It will be of great interest to CEOs, entrepreneurs, research scholars, consultants and students of management. Table of Contents Foreword JAMSHED J IRANI I: GENETICS OF CHANGE Preface CHANGE DYNAMICS Preface Scarecrow Does Not Scare Crows Why Can`t you Step into the Same River Twice? Change Management?A Trapeze Feat If You Do Not Know Where You are Going Any Road Will Take You There A Boiled Frog Never Jumps Out of the Frying Pan Dynamic Stability is No Paradox CHANGE TECHNIQUES Managing Creative Change?Five Actors Generating Creative Ideas?Tips and Techniques Managing `Change Paradox` Walking the Tightrope?Change Stories Managing Transition?Hard Track and Soft Track Change without Pain?Techniques and Processes II: THE SINGARENI LOVE STORY Turnaround from the Heart (Leadership, Strategies and Execution) Preface Acknowledgements My Romance with Singareni?A Brief Historical Perspective Reforms with a Human Touch?Management from the Heart The Power of `Bonding`?Singarenism The Magic of Communication Learning from Adversities?The Test of True Leadership The Lovebird?In the Green Pastures of Singareni Pygmalion Singarenians?Some Profiles of Courage Annexures