ISBN 9781107606517,Trips In Time: Textbook For Icse History And Civics Book 3

Trips In Time: Textbook For Icse History And Civics Book 3



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781107606517

ISBN-10 1107606519


Number of Pages 112 Pages
Language (English)


Trips In Time Is A Series In History And Civics For Classes Iii, Iv And V. It Follows The Latest Guidelines Laid Down By The Inter- State Board For Anglo-Indian Education. The Three Books In The Series Aim To Enable Students To Appreciate The Study Of History In The Future Years. It Inculcates In Them A Sense Of Interest In The Past And Helps Them Grasp The Concept Of Time And Change In Different Contexts. Combining The Chronological And The Biographical Approaches, The Series Gives A Holistic Picture Of The Subject To The Learners. The Part On Civics Helps Them Identify And Understand Their Role In The Family As Well As In The Society.

The Narrative Technique Links It With The Learners Own, Immediate World. The Series Aims At Making The Study Of History And Civics An Enjoyable Experience While Preparing Them To Be Responsible And Sensitive Citizens Of The Future.

Key Features
Narrative Technique To Create Involvement And Interest
Learning Objectives Clearly Stated At The Beginning Of Every Chapter
Specific Chapters In Every Book Devoted To Environmental Education
Interesting Art-Work To Reinforce The Narrative Element
Real-Life Images To Give Exposure To Things Of The Past
Exercises To Hone Skills Of Sequencing, Classifying And Tabulating
Context-Embedded Activities To Inculcate Values And To Develop Reasoning Skills
Ideas For Discussions And Debates To Hone Thinking Skills
Teachers Manual With Additional Teaching And Testing Material
Web Links To Facilitate Research And Project Work
On-Line Teacher Support Material At Www.Cambridgeindia.Org

Table Of Contents
Unit I
1. To Begin At The Beginning: Prehistoric Humans
2. From Raw To Cooked: The Story Of Fire
3. Wheeling Into Progress: The Wheel
Unit Ii
1. Backward On The Wheel Of Time: Harshavardhana
2. Stopping The Wheel On Special Days
3. Forward On The Wheel Of Time: Two Achievers
4. Against The Wheel Of Time: Monuments
Unit Iii
1. Your Role In Society
2. Service With A Smile
3. Choosing The Leader