ISBN 9789381638606,TS 4 Indian Culture: Perspective For Tourism

TS 4 Indian Culture: Perspective For Tourism



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381638606

ISBN-10 9381638608


Number of Pages 309 Pages
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TS 4 Indian Culture: Perspective For Tourism CONTENTS COVERED Block I Introducing Indian Culture Unit1 Indian Culture and Heritage: The Historical Context I Unit2 Indian Culture and Heritage: The Historical Context II Unit3 Conservation of Culture Unit4 Tourism and Culture: Some Views Block II Social Structure Unit5 SocioHistorical Perspective I Unit6 SocioHistorical Perspective II Unit7 Customs, Rituals and Cults Unit8 Fairs and Festivals Block III Fine Arts Unit9 Dance Unit10 Music Unit11 Painting Block IV Popular Culture Unit12 Indian Theatre Unit13 Indian Cinema Block V Architecture Unit14 Main Architectural Styles Unit15 Regional Architecture Unit16 Functional Categories in Architecture Unit17 Sculpture Block VI Archaeology and Antiquity Unit18 Archaeological Sties I (Early Harappa and Harappa) Unit19 Archaeological Sites II (Post Harappa) Unit20 Museums and Antiquities Block VII Handicrafts Continuity and Change Unit21 Commoditization of Handicrafts Unit22 Clay, Stone, Wood and Metal Crafts Unit23 Ivory, Gems and Jewellery Unit24 Textiles and Costumes Block VIII Tribal Cultures Unit25 Identity Formation Unit26 History and Geographical Spread Unit27 Society and Economy Unit28 Tribes and Development Policy Block IX Policy Issues in Culture Unit29 Government Unit30 Trade Unit31 Media QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper Dec 2001 2. Question Paper June 2002 3. Question Paper Dec 2002 4. Question Paper June 2003 5. Question Paper Dec 2003 6. Question Paper June 2004 7. Question Paper Dec 2004 8. Question Paper June 2005 9. Question Paper Dec 2005 10. Solution Paper June 2006 11. Solution Paper Dec 2006 12. Solution Paper June 2007 13. Solution Paper Dec 2007 14. Solution Paper June 2008 15. Solution Paper Dec 2008 16. Question Paper June 2009 17. Question Paper Dec 2009 18. Question Paper June 2010 19. Question Paper Dec 2010 20. Question Paper June 2011 21. Question Paper Dec 2011