ISBN 9788185616179,Udbhatasagara : An Anthology of Sanskrit Epigrams

Udbhatasagara : An Anthology of Sanskrit Epigrams



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 1993

ISBN 9788185616179

ISBN-10 8185616175

Hard Back

Number of Pages 440 Pages
Language (English)


Anthologies occupy an important place in Sanskrit literature. Compiling anthologies started as early as the 10th century and continues till the present time. Anthologies generally comprises stray gnomic and didactic verses, couplets of wit and humour, and maxims of wisdom and experience. Good sayings from classical and medieval Sanskrit literature are also included in the anthologies. The Udbhatasagara is an anthology compiled and published in the 20th Century. Independent verses, each complete in itself and conveying a wise counsel or an appreciation of a personality, or a wit is called an udbhata poem. The Udbhatasagara compiled by Pandit Purnachandra De is a very popular anthology. It covers a variety of subjects in different sections. Verses on the glory of well-known Sanskrit poets are compiled in one section; Hindu gods and goddesses are praised in another. Experience of life is described in a number of intelligent well-written poems. Many a king, including Muslim rulers, have been eulogized in some poems. A glimpse of poverty has been presented in a very realistic manner. The compiler has also included quite a few very lucid sonorous poems of his own. This anthology is widely read in eastern India and is very popular. It remained out of print for quite some time. It is now being reissued with an illuminating Introduction in Sanskrit written by Dr. Ratna Basu of the University of Calcutta, and presented to the lovers of Sanskrit and Poetry, with the hope that it will be well received.