ISBN 9788184082388,Understanding Information Systems

Understanding Information Systems



Indiana Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788184082388

ISBN-10 818408238X


Language (English)

Literature fiction

In a world awash in data, information systems help provide structure and access to information. Since libraries build, manage, and maintain information systems, librarians and LIS students are often propelled onto the front lines of interactions between library users and technology. But what do librarians need to know to best meet their patron's needs? What exactly are information systems and how do they work?

Information expert Ratzan uses plain language, humor, and everyday examples like baseball and arithmetic to make sense of information systems (computer hardware, software, databases, the Internet). He also explores their characteristics, uses, abuses, advantages, and shortcomings for your library. Fun exercises and appendixes are provided to illustrate key points in the book and measure understanding.

You can be a technophobe and still learn about systems and subsystems to represent, organize, retrieve, network, secure, conceal, measure, and manage information.This basic introduction addresses both theoretical and practical issues, including: What questions to ask technology vendors to meet your library's needs; When technology may not be the solution to a problem; Secrets for managing an information system; How to make your information system a success; LIS instructors and students, IT staff, digital librarians, library generalists and managers will welcome this expert sourcebook, complete with exercises, references, examples, terms, and charts that clarify concepts to make your information system a success.

About the Author
Lee Ratzan earned his Ph.D from the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies (SCILS) of Rutgers University. He is a system analysts at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and was formerly at Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory and the memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He has taught the information systems/Library Technology class for the M.L.S. Program at SCILs for many years. Ratzan is a fomer columnist for Byte Magazine, the Newark Star Ledger, and the Wilson Library Bulletin and has written many articles for technical and professional journals