ISBN 9789350630402,Unique Travel Destinations: Timeless Trails

Unique Travel Destinations: Timeless Trails



Evergreen Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350630402

ISBN-10 9350630400


Number of Pages 157 Pages
Language (English)


Timeless Trails are the paths traversed by hundreds; those which are unaffected by time, The Timeless Trails lead to ancient, medieval and modern destinations unchanged by time; which we continue to explore.

The myriad kaleidoscopic attractions on the Reverse Trail, the Spiritual Trail, the Art Trail, the Mystic Trail ,the Literary Trail and the Majestic Trail touch diverse places in India and abroad. Many more Timeless- Trails exist out of which few have been assimilated in this book, essayed and illustrated.

The Mystic Trail to the magical locatons of Lord Shiva in Dhanser, Sehad and Kalanaur, Stone age homes of Bhimbetka, Fire Walkers of India, the Reverse Trail to the Coronation place of Akbar as Emperor of Hindustan, Ghost of Elveden- Maharaja Duleep Singh, Buddhist Kushan- period monastery of Sanghol, Piramal ki Haveli in Rajasthan and Jajon in Punjab, both on the Silk route, White British-Indian Pamela Laing, the Spiritual Trail to the medieval pilgrimage in Canterbury, Bhaktivedant Manor- home to Lord Ram and Lord Krishna in England's multi cultural backdrop, Himalayan hill abode of Baba Banda Bahadur , the traditional Art -Trails of Punjab- Dari weaving trail to Nakodar, Inlay work or Nikasi kala trail from the Western world to Hoshiarpur, Punjab Sikh paintings Trail, Jane Austen Literary -Trail to Chawton cottage, the Majestic Trail to the grandeur of Blenheim Palace in England