ISBN 9780070635463,Unix: Concepts And Applications

Unix: Concepts And Applications



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070635463

ISBN-10 0070635463


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 672 Pages
Language (English)


UNIX Concepts And Applications is superb guide for beginners stepping into the world of UNIX. The book is filled with real-world examples that help the reader in understanding the concepts in a better way while the exercises put to test the reader's understanding of the topics. Summary Of The Book UNIX was developed in 1969 as a multiuser and multitasking computer operating system. It was the brainchild of an enterprising group of AT&T employees working at Bell Labs. Over the years, UNIX has gained wide popularity across the world and powers many servers, workstations and mobile devices. The UNIX environment and its client-server architecture were the building blocks of the early Internet and the reason for the adoption of networked computers rather than individual ones. UNIX Concepts And Applications is divided into two parts. Part I introduces the reader to UNIX and its architecture with topics related to command usage. This section also has a few chapters dealing exclusively with the vi Editor, File Attributes, File System and the powerful Shell Programming. In Part II of the book, the reader is familiarized with advanced concepts relating to the vi Editor and there is further elaboration on Shell Programming. An all new chapter on Program Development Tools is also included here. For those wishing to advance their learning about UNIX, the chapter on Advanced System Administration is sure to be very helpful. UNIX Concepts And Applications helps the reader hone their understanding of UNIX by way of special How It Works and How To sections. A fully referenced index and appendix at the end of the book aids easy retrieval of information that a reader is seeking. About Sumitabha Das Sumitabha Das is an Author and a Consultant Faculty (PDSIT) at the Bengal Engineering College, Howrah. He has written a few more books such as Your Unix: The Ultimate Guide and Unix, A Database Approach, Featuring System V, Release 4. Das earned his degree in Electronics Engineering from Calcutta University in 1977. While working at the Ministry of Defence, his interest in UNIX grew. He teaches UNIX and Systems Programming. He lives with his wife and daughter. TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I Chapter 1 Getting Started Chapter 2 The Unix Architecture and Command Usage Chapter 3 General Purpose utilities Chapter 4 The File System Chapter 5 Handling Ordinary Files Chapter 6 Basic File Attributes Chapter 7 The vi Editor Chapter 8 The Shell Chapter 9 The Process Chapter 10 Customizing The Environment Chapter 11 More File Attributes Chapter 12 Simple Filters Chapter 13 Filter Using Regular Expressions-grep And sed Chapter 14 Essential Shell Programming Chapter 15 Essential System Administration PART II Chapter 16 The X Window System Chapter 17 Networking Tools Chapter 18 Awk-An Advanced Filter Chapter 19 Per1-The Master Manipulator Chapter 20 Advanced vi Chapter 21 Advanced Shell Programming Chapter 22 Program Development Tools Chapter 23 Systems Programming I- Files Chapter 24 Systems Programming II-Process Control Chapter 25 Advanced System Administration Appendixes Index