ISBN 9780070533196,Value Shift

Value Shift



Tata McGraw Hill Education

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780070533196

ISBN-10 0070533199


Number of Pages 302 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Dr. Paine has given us a remarkable book. At a time when Enron and WorldCom have cast corporate America in its worst light Value Shift establishes a new performance standard that makes the corporation more accountable. Her book should be compulsory reading for everyone in business. -Roderick M. Hills Founder & Partner Hills & Stern former Chairman Securities & Exchange Commission 'Lynn Paine has an optimistic analysis of the need for-and the value of-bringing ethical values into business decision-making. The 'meltdown' of so many high-flyers recently suggests that lesson had been lost on too many companies during the boom years. The time has come to take account of what she writes.' -Paul A. Volcher former Chairman of the Federal Reserve

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