ISBN 9788183820479,Vedic Geometry Course

Vedic Geometry Course


S. K. Kapoor


Lotus Press



Lotus Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183820479

ISBN-10 8183820476


Number of Pages 250 Pages
Language (English)

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Need of hour is to reach at the basics of ancient wisdom to remain on the positive side of flow intelligence. The main stream flow of intelligence follows the path of fundamental unity of human mind, parallel to it runs the organization format of whole range of knowledge as a single discipline. The present set of five books of Vedic mathematics basics, sequentially cover all fundamental phases and stages of teaching and learning of Vedic mathematics basics on their basis on first principles and aim to attain perfection of intelligence for the students. About the Author Dr. S. K. Kapoor is well known authority upon the ancient Discipline of Vedic Mathematics. He has been devoted for the cause of revival of the ancient discipline. He has been awarded Guru Gangeshwaranda Veda Ratna Puraskar 1997 by Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan for his excellence and research in the field of Vedic Science and Mathematics. From the conceptual format of Doctoral thesis of Dr. Kapoor titled 'Mathematical basis of Vedic Literature' to his first book 'Vedic Geometry', to the whole range of books (Fermat's last theorem and higher spaces reality course, Foundations of Higher Vedic Mathematics, Goldbach Theorem, Glimpses of Higher Vedic Mathematics, Learn and Teach Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Mathematics Decodes, Space Book, Practice Vedic Mathematics Skills) and now the present set of five books (The Teaching of Vedic Mathematics, Learning Vedic Mathematics on First Principles. Vedic Mathematics Basics, Vedic Mathematics Skills and Vedic Geometry Course) is a big range which promises for re-construction of Vedic mathematics of its ancient wisdom glory. Table of Contents Feature-1 Four Space Reality Feature-2 Distinguishing Features of Hyper Cube 4 Feature-3 Manifestation Formation Feature-4 Compactification of Origins Feature-5 Reality of 5-Space within 4-Space Origins Feature-6 5-Space Deserves to be Chased as Space Supplying five step ling Measuring Rod Feature-7 Manifestations of Solid Quantifiers Feature-8 Emergence of Transcendental Worlds Within Creator's Space Feature-9 Synthesis of Manifestation Layers Feature-10 Partitioning of Universe Around Transcendental Skies Feature-11 Chasing Distinct Universes Feature-12 Chasing Self Referrals Domain

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