ISBN 9789381391044,Vedic Yug Avum Ramayan Kaal Ki Etihasikata

Vedic Yug Avum Ramayan Kaal Ki Etihasikata



Institute Of Scientific Research On Vedas

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789381391044

ISBN-10 9381391041


Number of Pages 86 Pages
Language (Hindi)


This book seeks to rewrite the history of the world, particularly of the Indian subcontinent, based purely on multi-disciplinary scientific research. The planetary references in Valmiki Ramayan were actually seen from the given latitudes and longitudes around 5100 BC and these matched sequentially. See the slides depicting those sky views! The way in which archaeological, paleobotanical, oceanographic, geological, ecological and remote sensing research reports corroborate the astronomical dates is amazing! The book displays the sea level curve prepared by the Oceanographers confirming that submerged Ram Sethu was a walkable bridge in 5100 BC. See the curve! Recent genetic profiling of world populations corroborates that Dravidians and north Indians had common ancestors and indigenous civilization has constantly been developing in India for more than 10000 years, which supports the authenticity of genealogical charts found in ancient Indian texts. The book will persuade you to rethink if Ramayan and Mahabharat were merely the imagination of the poets or these contained some hard historical facts about our glorious past. The book contains following detailed scientific/academic papers. Past Meets the Present Leading to a Better Future- Text of the Inaugural Address by His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Former President of India) Astronomical Dating of Planetary References in Rig Veda and Epics using Planetarium Software – A.K. Bhatnagar Origin and Development of Civilization in the Indian Sub-continent during last 8000 years: An Archaeological Perspective – Kulbhushan Mishra Radiocarbon Dating in Determining the Antiquity of Cultural Remains in India – C.M. Nautiyal Archaeobotanical Evidences of Ancient Cultures in Indian Sub-continent before 2000 BC – Chanchala Srivastava Signatures of Palaeo Rivers Network in Northwest India using Satellite Remote Sensing – J.R. Sharma and B.K. Bhadra Sea Level Fluctuations during last 15000 years and their Impact on Human Settlements – Rajiv Nigam Genetic Profile of the people of India during Holocene: Some Inferences – V.R. Rao Historicity of Ramayan Era: Scientific Evidences from the Depths of Oceans to the Heights of Skies – Saroj Bala About the Author Ms. Saroj Bala belongs to 1972 batch of Indian Revenue Service (IRS). She has been deeply involved for last many years in scientific research into the historicity of ancient events narrated in Vedas and Epics. The research project “Scientific Dating of Ancient Events before 2000 BC’ was conceived by her and she is its Chief Research Coordinator. Kulbhushan Mishra a young scholar in Archaeology is working as a Research Associate in Indian Archaeological Society. He has authored a book entitled “Practical Dictionary of Indian Art, Architecture and Archaeology” jointly with late Dr. S.P.Gupta (in press) and has published several research papers in reputed archaeological journals. Currently he is engaged in a project on “Atlas of Indus – Saraswati Civilization” which involves preparation of maps based on GIS.