ISBN 9780545290593,Vespers Rising

Vespers Rising


Jude Watson


Scholastic Books



Scholastic Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780545290593

ISBN-10 0545290597

Hard Back

Number of Pages 238 Pages
Language (English)

Action and Adventure

The 39 series of novels accounts the story of two sibs, Amy Cahill and Dan Cahill, who hails from one of the most prestigious and powerful clans of the history called the Cahill family. The Cahills have these strong enemies called the Vespers. This part of the book focuses on the rise of their enemy in quest of the Cahills. This book called The 39 Clues #11: Vespers Rising comprises of interactive online games, card packs, and many more. Divided carefully into four plot lines, Vespers Rising portrays the story behind the breakthrough of the master serum by Gideon. What quests do Amy and Dan have to face now, when their enemy Damien Vesper attacks them? Who are the Vespers and why are they behind the heirs of the Cahill clan? Will they be able to find the master serum? What is this master serum? Who is Madeleine Cahill and what is her role in the reunification of the Cahill clan? Why Grace, the Cahill matriarch, fights against George S. Patton, the general Vesper agent in Casablanca? Will Grace survive the fight? What is the story behind Gideon's gold ring? Will the siblings be able to save the Gideon's gold ring from one of the Vespers called Casper Wyoming? The 39 series of books are widely popular across the globe right from the very first novel of this series. All the books in this series of novel have been translated to various other languages after its huge success. Prominent director Steven Spielberg has ascertained the rights of making a film based on these series called The 39 Clues: The Movie, to be released in the year 2014. This book has bagged the bestseller's title from some of the prominent dailies like the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, and the Publishers Weekly respectively. About The Authors Gordon Korman is a writer of Canadian American roots. He has written several series and non series books in his writing career. He acquired his schooling from the German Mills Public School and the Thornlea Secondary School, Ontario. He completed his graduation in film and film writing from the New York University in the year 1985. He has won several honorary awards and recognitions in his writing career.Peter Lerangis is an American author of mystery and science fiction novels. He holds his BSc degree from the Harvard University in the subject of biochemistry. Before opting to become a writer, he worked as a freelance editor and actor. He has won several awards and honours for many of his books. Rick Riordan is an American essayist and writer. He has written several award winning novels and series books. He did his basic schooling from the Alamo Heights High School. He holds a double major in the subject of English and Social Science from the University of Texas. Jude Watson is the pseudonym used by Judy Blundell. He is a national award winning American writer of the famous Star Wars novellas.