ISBN 9788176562799,Visual FoxPro 6 Enterprise Development

Visual FoxPro 6 Enterprise Development




BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788176562799

ISBN-10 8176562793


Number of Pages 742 Pages
Language (English)

Enterprise software

This visual application guide includes Visual FoxPro foundation classes and ready-to-use object-oriented class libraries, which provide all the necessary tools to manage data. It includes how-to instruction for organizing tables of information, running queries, creating an integrated relational database management system, or programming a fully developed data management application for end users.   Table of Contents   Introduction Part I: Analysis and Design 1. Establishing Development Standards 2. Analysis, Design, and Prototyping Part II: Object and Coding Development 3. Using Visual FoxPro's Debugging Facilities 4. Integrating Visual FoxPro and Object-Oriented Programming 5. The FoxPro Enterprise Classes 6. Communicating with Other Applications 7. Using the Windows API 8. Multi-User Development Techniques 9. Creating Development Tools Part III: Database Development 10. Creating a Visual FoxPro Database 11. Using SQL in Visual FoxPro Applications Part IV: Application Deployment 12. Client/Server Database Development with Visual FoxPro 13. Deploying Visual FoxPro Internet Applications 14. Deploying and Distributing Your Applications Part V: Advanced Visual FoxPro Topics 15. Advanced OOP-An Introduction to Visual Modeling 16. Advanced Internet With Visual FoxPro 17. Drag and Drop 18. Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio 6   Appendix: What's on the CD? Index