ISBN 9780743484312,We'Ll Meet Again

We'Ll Meet Again



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780743484312

ISBN-10 0743484312


Number of Pages 369 Pages
Language (English)


Six years after being charged for her husband Gary's murder, Molly Lasch is released. Awaiting her arrival amongst the news teams is old schoolfriend Fran Simmons, a strong-willed investigative reporter for a true-crime series. Molly and Fran meet, and the former makes a heartfelt request for help clearing her name: she needs Fran to make a TV programme on Gary's death. Fran agrees, but her acceptance masks an ulterior motive - she wants to unearth the truth about her father's mysterious suicide fourteen years before. However, there's someone who's unwilling to allow the truth to be found so easily; someone who has high-powered friends, and a motive for murder. As Fran and Molly dig deeper and the bodycount rises, their lives grow evermore threatened. Soon, it becomes a race against time before true-crime television finds it's two newest victims...