ISBN 9781590590843,Web Services Patterns: Java

Web Services Patterns: Java


Monday Paul






Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9781590590843

ISBN-10 1590590848

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Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)

Web programming

Web Service Patterns: Java Edition" describes architectural patterns that can guide you through design patterns (service implementation and usage) and illustrates the different ways in which you can use web services.

Author Paul Monday had two primary goals in writing this book: to show some interesting design patterns that are applicable to web services as well as the broader computing community and to give some hands-on experience using a web service environment.

Monday achieves the first goal by presenting many original, and a few already available, design patterns. The patterns he chooses to discuss illustration the entire web service environmentfrom the patterns that make up web service implementation platforms to the patterns for building your own web services. Each pattern covered has a web service implementation section that builds a common application throughout the book.

To fulfill the second goal of providing hands-on experience with web services, Monday chose a single web service environment, Apache Axis, and implemented each pattern using this environment.

By the end of this book, you'll have deployed more than 15 working web service implementations that show the strengths and weaknesses of web services. Table of Contents Introducing Web Service Patterns Introducing the P.T. Monday Case Study Exploring the Service-Oriented Architecture Pattern Exploring the Architecture Adapter Pattern Introducing the Service Directory Pattern Exploring the Business Object Pattern Exploring the Business Object Collection Pattern Exploring the Business Process (Composition) Pattern Exploring the Asynchronous Business Process Pattern Exploring the Event Monitor Pattern Implementing the Observer Pattern Implementing the Publish/Subscribe Pattern Exploring the Physical Tiers Pattern Exploring the Faux Implementation Pattern Exploring the Service Factory Pattern Implementing the Data Transfer Object Pattern Exploring the Partial Population Pattern