ISBN 9788189449292,Weekend Break From Bangalore

Weekend Break From Bangalore


Vinod Mehta


Outlook Publishing



Outlook Publishing

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788189449292

ISBN-10 818944929X


Number of Pages 507 Pages
Language (English)

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Bangalore is a bustling metro where the pace of life is urgent and there is little time for leisure. There was a time when Bangalore was a paradise away from pollution and dirt. It was an inviting place, a city that dared to remain green and clean. Those days are gone and people who live in the city are desperate to get away from the crowd and traffic. They dream of staying, for a little time at least, in some place that would help them feel refreshed, so that they can go back to the city and face their daily routines with more cheer and energy. Weekend Break From Bangalore is aimed at people looking for such getaways, places that are easy to reach, for a quick break over the weekend. The locations listed here are just a few hours away from the city. This means that people can take a quick trip, followed by a day's stay, and then return to the city. The places listed here are not just in Karnataka, but also in other states that are easily accessible from Bangalore, such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The locations listed in the book are diverse in landscape. They include beaches and coastlines, rivers and valleys, mist-covered hill stations and densely forested regions, and wildlife sanctuaries as well. The backwaters of Kerala, the Nilgiri hills, and various ancient, historical destinations of Karnataka and Tamilnadu have been explored. The content describes the beauty of the Kabini dam and the breathtaking majesty of the Cauvery river in full flow. It also discusses the beaches along Karnataka's coastline and the nature reserves of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, and Kerala. In addition to the descriptions of various destinations, a lot of useful information has been provided, such as road maps, train and bus schedules, and lists of places to refuel the car. It also provides information on homestays, resorts, garages, and restaurants. The important spots to visit at each destination have also been listed. In case of wildlife resorts, the readers are told to lookout for interesting and rare species of animals such as the Nilgiri Tahr. Overall, Weekend Break From Bangalore is a comprehensive travel guide. Readers can find information on places they already know and also discover many places that they may have never heard of before. They will also get detailed instructions on how to get to these places, where to stay, and what to see. Weekend Break From Bangalore is a great book for people who want to build a list of weekend getaway options around Bangalore.