ISBN 9780061438295,What Every Body Is Saying

What Every Body Is Saying


Joe Navarro


William Morrow



William Morrow

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780061438295

ISBN-10 0061438294


Number of Pages 250 Pages
Language (English)

Academic And Professional

The former FBI agent Joe Navarro shares his expertise on behavioral analysis and informs how best to use body language to achieve success. A former FBI counterintelligence officer, he is known as an expert on nonverbal behavior. This book gives a definitive answer on how to best make use of the nonverbal communication for personal as well as professional success. It explains how to figure out when a person is lying or means more than just the words being uttered. When someone says they agree to something, do they mean it? When one feels the interview went well, did it? Designed to help a reader enhance nonverbal intelligence, the author teaches techniques to speed-reading people. Navarro informs how it is essential to take into account one's body language to understand the words being said. He elucidates on how to decode behaviors and sentiments. He clarifies that though some people believe that the face says it all, it is not the case always because the face is the least likely place to measure somebody's thoughts and feelings. The book lists down the classic survival instincts that drive body language. He describes how eyelids, feet, and even thumbs can be read to predict somebody's motives and moods. Divided into nine chapters, it cover the topics of mastering the secrets of non verbal communication; knowledge within reach: nonverbal of the arms; the mind's canvas: nonverbal of the face; living our limbic legacy; detecting deception; torso tips: nonverbal of the torso; hips, chest, and shoulders; non verbals of the feet and legs; nonverbal of the hands and fingers; and some final thoughts. With this comprehensive coverage of almost all parts of the human body, the author informs how to look for deceptive behaviors and avoid hidden pitfalls. Revealing how simple non-verbal language that communicate authority and establish trust, the book helps the reader discover how to use body language to influence one's family, friends, boss, and even strangers! The book has been translated into 16 languages and has sold more than 150,000 copies. About The Authors An ex-FBI agent, Joe Navarro is a public speaker, supervisor, and author. Navarro has published four other books including Louder Than Words, Advanced Interviewing Techniques and Read 'Em and Reap, and Hunting Terrorists etc. Born in 1953, he got his B.S. degree in Justice Administration and MA in International Relations from SRU. Besides taking several educational initiatives, he has been associated with SWAT, Saint Leo University, State Departments, Bluff Magazine, the World Series of Poker, and various magazines. His expertise area is non-verbal communication. Marvin Karlins is an Author and Professor of Management at the University of South Florida. His other popular books include Time Management, The Greatest Senior Discount in the World, and Deal Me In, etc. Born in 1941, Karlins attended the Princeton University for his Ph.D. in Psychology. Besides book, he writes articles for journals and works as a consultant to leading companies. He has also authored 24 books and more than 200 articles.