ISBN 9781851681693,What Muslims Believe

What Muslims Believe


John Bowker



Oneworld Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781851681693

ISBN-10 1851681698

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Number of Pages 186 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Drawing on interviews with Muslims across the broad spectrum of Islamic thought, this book offers an insightful introduction to a major world faith.

A living testimony to the rich diversity of Islam, Professor Bowkers interviewees provide thought-provoking commentary on a wide range of issues, from the interpretation of the Quran, and the nature of Islamic law, to the role of women and the concept of holy war. In its coverage of such modern topics as homosexuality and Salman Rushdies controversial Satanic Verses, this book is an eloquent tribute to Islam as a living and evolving faith.

For anyone interested in a fresh investigation of Islam, What Muslims Believe is a unique study revealing an insiders view of this broad and fascinating religion.

About the Author
John Bowker is a highly respected lecturer and writer on religious affairs. He is a Fellow at in and Adjunct Professor at . Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, he is the author of many books in this field.

Table of Contents
Authority and Community: Revelation, the Quran and the Foundations of Islam
Attitudes to Islam - Community and Peace
No Compulsion in Religion
The Quran, Tradition and Law
Caliphs and Authority: Sunni and Shia
Decrees and Interpretations
The Five Pillars
The Seven Articles of Faith
The Permitted and the Forbidden
Fundamentals, Fundamentalism and Interpretation
The Recovery of Islam
The Interpretation of the Quran and Issues of Judgement: Interest, Theft, Adultery and Homosexuality
Interpretations of the Quran
Interpretations of Sharia
Banking and Interest
Penalties for Theft and Adultery
How Do Judgements and Interpretations Change?
Muslims and Non-Muslims: The State and Holy War, Other Religions, Apostasy and Treason
Muslim Communities and the Islamic State
The Conversion of the Non-Muslim World
The Domain of Islam and the Domain of War Holy War
The Protected People of the Book
The Status of Christians
The Status of Hindus
The Penalty for Apostasy from Islam The Satanic Verses
The Status of the Bahais and the Ahmadiyya
The Nature of Human Nature
The Nature of Women and Their Status
Women and Men
The Role of Women
The Veil
The Authority of Men
The Beating of Wives
The Rights of Women
Education and Freedom of Enquiry
The Aims and Absolutes of Education
Education and the Quran
The Scope of Islamic Education
Values in Education
Muslim Schools?
The Separation of Boys and Girls
Secular World-View and Islam
Adam and Eve and Evolution
The Self-Education of Muslims and the Recovery of The Hostages and Islam