ISBN 9780070587809,What S Keeping Your Customers Up At Night

What S Keeping Your Customers Up At Night



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780070587809

ISBN-10 0070587809


Language (English)

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What's Keeping Your Customers Up at Night? Shows sales reps and executives how to leverage proven public relations techniques to close more deals, increase repeat business, and prosper in good times and bad. It also provides the keys to deepening relationships, up-selling customers, and keeping sales figures positive in uncertain times. Following a foolproof, four-step approach, you'll learn how to:

Uncover the pain using combined PR audit and sales assessment strategies
Enhance the pain using PR-type case studies and sales war stories
Sell against the pain through pain-based questioning and message point development
Heal the wound by empowering the prospect to move forward with you.